Location: VR Theme Park in USA

Size: 200 square meters

Machines: VR Cinema, VR Racing Car, VR Space, VR Shooting

Jack works in a famous company as an engineer in USA, he found that it is tough to earn money day by day, then he decide to invest something new, he found 9D VR Simulator from OMAZING, and decided to import them to his vr theme park. Now he 10 times profit more than before he earned, they even have more than 300 customers in Sunday.

Location: Mall in Saudi Arabia

Size: 12 Square meters

Machine: VR Car, VR Gun, VR Gatling

Mr. Mohammed from Saudi Arabia own a shop in shopping mall, wanting to invest some entertainment project. By onetime, he found the 9D VR product in Alibaba and thinking that it must have a great market in Saudi Arabia. Then he booked the small location to try the first time vr business, use lower cost to get the higher profit. Finally ordered 2 machines for the trial order, exceed expectations, he recover the cost within 2 months, then he placed the 2nd location the same size location with us.

Location: Mall in Qatar

Size: 30 square meters

Machine: VR car, VR Gun, VR Gatling, VR 360 rotation

Mr Ahmed worked in a entertainment company, his company want to expand new game project and found 9d vr is a new and good business. After many calls and emails with ahmed, we got his order for 6 machines. Later he added more 2 machines into order, totally 8 machines. Such VR experience can bring him such great business. And because of this great project, his company want to expand the market to neighboring country and place repeat order with us.

Location: Aquarium in Malaysia

Size: 200 square meters

Machine: 30 seats vr cinema

Mr Zhou found 9d vr is popular in Malaysia, but the same content and less interest, he want to add new technology to his park. Then he came to China to investigate 3 main big factory including our factory investigate. Zhou’s team discussed with us his plan which make a cinema theater with 30 seats and his own aquarium theme content. After communicating with him and designing the cinema, he was satisfied with our service, finally choose us, ordered vr cinema.

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