We can design VR CASE for our customer.

1. Comform the location of the site.
2. Using three-dimensional concept model ,can comprehensively the development situation of business,then pertinently put forward the countermeasures for future development.
3.Match different equipment acroding to radation business circle.
4. Provide VR grafic design drawing for reference.
5. Provide decoration effect map and desribution system design.

20㎡ Mini-Shop

Case analysis of mini store

1.20㎡ experience hall is a recreational area and an interactive area for racing. It aims for leisure and stimulates people's desire for consumption.


2. A simple environment design to create a suitable game environment to enable players to enjoy the most perfect service;


3. Small scale, cheap operation, improve work efficiency, increase the economic benefits of the experience hall;


4.Hot popularity can be expected with the classic VR racing and 9D theater

60-100㎡ VR Theme Park

Analysis of VR Paradise

 1. Join the high-tech element Blu-ray splitting line to create a scientific visual impact;

 2. Scientific zoning reduces the psychological resistance of some consumers to the game experience, and helps consumers understand the experience content of each district;

 3. Set up 3 major themes, make full use of space, and comprehensively capture consumers of all ages;

4, with VR battle, single HTC, VR motorcycle, VR racing, hunting and other products to give consumers a full gaming experience

200㎡ Fashion Shop

Case analysis of Fashion Shop

1. The sci-fi design style ceiling adopts the imitating capsule ceiling, with the bottom blue elegant lines, forming a strong visual impact and artistic collision;

 2. Scientific zoning reduces the resistance of some consumers to the game experience. Helping consumers deepen their understanding of content games in various venues;

 3. Set up 3 major themes, make full use of space, and comprehensively capture consumers of all ages;

4. Experience hall is divided into three major theme areas, racing exploration area, interactive theater and children's play area to meet the various requirements of consumers.

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